~ Seeking Knowledge for the over 40 crowd – Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari [Video|Ar-En]

Video Courtesy: Easa ibn Roy

Seeking Knowledge for the over 40 crowd
Advice from Shaykh Abdullah Bukhari


Our Shaykh, may Allah bless you and benefit us with your knowledge. The questioner says: These days I am beginning my quest for knowledge while I am over forty years old. Thus what do you advise me with? May Allah reward you. 

Shaykh Bukari:

We ask Allah the Exalted to give him firmness and assistance. Thus let him purify his intentions for Allah the Exalted, and be diligent and zealous. And whoever purifies his intentions for Allah and seeks help from Allah the Exalted, Allah will help him, and give him understanding, and inspire him, and guide him, and grant him assistance upon everything that is difficult for him.

And there is no criticism (for seeking knowledge at this age) Imaam Al Bukari, may Allah have mercy upon him, mentioned that most of the Companions, or many of the Companions sought knowledge while they were older in age. So there is no problem with this. Seek help from Allah, and take the general advice that we mentioned. And let him progress gradually, and devote himself to studying. And there is nothing wrong with this, rather this is good. And whoever Allah wants good for He gives him an understanding in the religion. We ask Allah to make us and him firm upon the truth.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee